Our mission is to ensure quality educational programs for all students with an autism spectrum disorder, in their homes, schools and communities. Programs that use researched based methods with proven positive outcomes and that are individualized to each student. Through Program Evaluations, IEP Review and Development, and Training individualized to the needs of the child, we believe we can help our clients to reach their potential.

Here at ACES we strongly believe and adhere to the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis as the methodology of choice for teaching students with autism. We insist on using current research to guide effective treatments.

ACES believes that every individual can learn and deserves a chance to show others what they are capable of, it is our job to find out what is the best mode of learning in order to ensure their success.

Through years of personal and professional experiences, we have found that teaching fads come and go, professionals disagree on appropriate methods of interaction, and parents and teachers are often left unsure of which way to turn. ACES wants to focus on the teaching strategies when working with individuals with autism. We believe that when appropriate teaching techniques are used, individuals with an autism spectrum disorder will increase their abilities to communicate and learn academic and functional skills.