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ACES takes pride in providing quality service to your family and ensure the best possible out come for your child. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such wonderful, caring families. Please read below to see the nice things our families have to say about ACES!

Four years ago I moved to NJ with my then two-year-old autistic son, and I had the good fortune to be introduced to Bobbie Gallagher. She was instrumental in helping me find therapists for my son's home program, assisting me in navigating the IEP process with our school district, and equally important, she also gave wonderful all-around advice.

I consistently recommend ACES to anyone I meet with a newly diagnosed child, or to anyone who is struggling with any spectrum-related issue. She is extremely knowledgeable, and possesses unquestionable integrity.

- Kim, Brick NJ

As a family we have worked with Bobbie for three years in different capacities. Bobbie was my child's advocate in dealing with our school district. We are very thankful that she was able to guide us in obtaining what our child was entitled to, it was not an easy process, but the support and advice she gave us was a tremendous help in getting us through it.

Bobbie was also my son's ABA provider. As my son's provider she took the time to explain to me why she was implementing specific interventions, making sure that I was comfortable with them before implementing them. She was very patient with my son as well as with our family. We feel blessed to have had such a knowledgeable professional guide us through our journey.

- Diana, parent of a 5 year old with PDD-NOS, Manchester NJ

Bobbie Gallagher saved us, from frustration, sadness and stress by training my husband and I right away while we waited for Early Intervention. She also saved my boy from an inappropriate public school situation by educating us and going in with us as our advocate. Her presence and reputation let everyone know that we meant business and the process went smoothly without litigation. She then directed us to the right school for my son, a school in which he is currently making progress.

Bobbie continues to provide training and support to our family concerning my boy's behaviors and his challenging learning areas. †I send her into my son's school on a regular basis so she can observe the teaching methods. She provides detail reports which give me the peace of mind that I need to stay calm about his alternative education. The reports reflect that my son's team is demonstrating the correct methods of ABA and that he is progressing under their care. Her education and training in ABA, her experience with public school advocacy, and her years of experience working with children who have ASD, makes her an invaluable resource.

My husband and I are incredibly lucky to have found her and that she was there for us when we needed her the most. Bobbie has been such an asset to our family and her help has saved my little boy four times over. Her guidance and her hand on my back, makes me feel less alone in this difficult journey.

- Mother of six year old with ASD, Ocean County, NJ

Before we met Bobbie, we were two parents struggling to find answers as to why our five year old autistic son was not improving in our township schoolís ABA based, multi-disabled program. Many of his IEP goals were being repeated and his behaviors were escalating. It became apparent that the district was not providing the teaching staff with the necessary training and resources needed for our sonís level of autism.

Bobbie evaluated the program, exposed its weaknesses, and enabled us to get an out of district placement for our son at one of the best autism schools in the state. She also made an informative presentation for family and friends on autism at our home. Her knowledge, expertise, and professionalism stood out to us from the beginning. She is simply the best, and we were very fortunate to have found her!

- Rob and Carol Esposito, Burlington County, NJ

I have had the pleasure of knowing Bobbie for several years and she has been a tremendous source of knowledge for me and my family. When a child is diagnosed with austism spectrum disorder, it is as though you as a parent, are entering a new and confusing world. Bobbie has helped us navigate through many challenges. Her expertise and experience have been critical to our journey. She is caring, competent and we are very lucky to have her in our lives.

- Parent of a 6 year old with pdd-nos.

It is very difficult for us to put into words what Bobbie has done for our family! What is so amazing about Bobbie is that she truly understands what we struggle with raising a child who has autism. With her own life experience and expertise, she has helped us every single step of the way to fight for our son and his rights to get the proper education he needs. The new school has made a profound difference in our sonís educational development. She is a true professional, we were so impressed with the level of details Bobbie put into her observation report, and always be able to pinpoint the exact problem. The advices and encouragement provided by Bobbie are priceless.

Never ending praise and forever thankful,

- S.L. and V.L., Monroe Township, NJ