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The IEP (Individualized Education Program) drives the students educational programming. This is the foundation of your child or studentís education.

An IEP Review can help to identify deficits in the IEP that often are the heart of litigations issues.

A few of the questions that must be answered:

  • Are the goals and objectives measurable?
  • Who is responsible for implementing each goal?
  • Does the document contain all the necessary information?
  • Has the IEP team discussed and decided on Extended School Year?
  • Is there a behavioral intervention plan needed and is it in the IEP?
  • What training will be provided to the staff and by whom?
IEP Development helps parents and schools to identify problem areas and develop goals and objectives to address those areas using objective terminology and measurable criteria.

Does your childís IEP read like this:

  • Will improve expressive speech
  • Will increase knowledge of events in history
  • Will demonstrate growth in Mathematics
These goals are not measurable and are subjective to each person that reads them. Therefore progress is also subjective. IEP goals MUST be measurable so that each person has a clear idea of what is expected of the child and how the information will be taught.

ACES can help you in developing goals and objectives for your child/student that are objective and measurable, therefore meeting IDEA and NJAC6A: 14.

IDEA Part B 20 U.S.C. 1414 (d) Individualized Education Programs (1) Definitions (A) Individualized education program (ii) a statement of measurable annual goals, including benchmarks or short-term objectives. NJAC6A:14-3.7 Individualized education program (e) (2) Öthe annual academic and functional goals shall be measurable and apprise parents and educational personnel providing special education and related services to the student of the expected level of achievement attendant to each goal.