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Program Evaluations

Are you concerned that your child /student is not making the progress you had hoped?

Are you unsure if your educational program is meeting the needs of your students?

Is your child’s ABA/VB program implementing research based , state of the art, ABA/VB teaching strategies correctly?

Bobbie Gallagher, M.A. is qualified as an expert in the field of autism by the New Jersey Office of Administrative Law, and these evaluations can be used in litigation cases to help in determining the appropriateness of a program and the necessary services and supports.

ACES performs program evaluations to help schools / families determine if the program their student / child is receiving is appropriate. Through an onsite descriptive assessment combined with a review of records, ACES will conduct an evaluation to determine the current effectiveness and/or areas of concern in the current program and make recommendations.

  • Descriptive assessments document the interactions between students and the teaching staff during a minimum of a 2 hour observation, documenting multiple teaching environments, transitions, and programs.
  • The basic principles of ABA are evaluated for correct implementation and effectiveness.
  • Teaching techniques are evaluated to ensure student progress and success or identify areas that are causing stagnation or regression. Is the teaching staff using the appropriate techniques to fit your child’s learning style?
  • Review of Records entails examining 3 years worth of IEPs, progress reports, evaluations, incident reports and other important documents to determine if the program being provided is accurately documented in these records, and if the student is making progress on the goals and objectives in the IEP.
  • Areas of concern are documented along with researched based recommendations to address these concerns.