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Training is provided using proven ABA/VB teaching techniques, behavioral interventions, and communication strategies. Let ACES help you put into action the type of teaching program you feel your child/student deserves. We have all heard the phrase “it depends on the child.” ACES will work with you to help decide what approach may best suit your child’s needs and help take the guesswork out of your decision. Training is available at school, in the home, or in our office.

Training in ABA/VB teaching techniques helps teachers and parents alike to learn proven techniques for fostering language, academics, and daily living skills. Often prompt dependency, inability to generalize, and slow progress is blamed on the child’s functioning level. These roadblocks to learning can frequently be removed when good teaching techniques are implemented.

Behavioral Intervention training focuses on decreases maladaptive behaviors in students with autism. Many students with autism exhibit maladaptive or socially stigmatizing behaviors. ACES will train staff and parents how to decrease the maladaptive behaviors, while increasing functional communication and/or competing reimforcers to help the child learn more effective ways to communicate their needs or fulfill self-stimulatory behaviors.

Communication opens the door to getting our needs met. ACES will train individuals how to identify appropriate modes of communication for their students. Through effective communication students will learn how to access reinforcers, engage in social interactions, and acquire skills.

Our family trainings help extended family members to better understand individuals with an autism spectrum disorder and how to interact with them. All to often grandparents, aunts and uncles, and even close friends are unsure of why the same interactions, reinforcement and discipline procedures don’t work with children on the spectrum as they do with typically developing children. ACES hopes to give family members the tools to interact with your child and decrease the tension and stress sometimes caused by this lack of understanding.