ACES believes that Skype is a great form of communication. In addition to Aces being available to you via the telephone, email or in person, skype now allows us to also be available to you through video conference.

The benefit to this is that in a pinch we can be imediately available to both our parents and our educators. We can perform training seesions in real time and be able to visually see how the methods are being performed and address the issues if need be.

We have provided some basic information, instruction and benefits to registering with skype. We have also provided the link so that you may download and get started today. We hope you will join us.

Talk face-to-face with live video for Free
Download Skype and start making voice and video calls on Skype for free on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.


Other Features

Show pictures, presentations and more when you share your screen over a Skype call.

Group video calling:
Add up to nine people to a video call. Great for bringing an entire meeting together without the travel.

Send photos or files while you chat:
Send photos or files of any size over Skype while you chat.

More info: